Brigadier-General Allen wins WCT Leadership Excellence Award

Brigadier-General Frances Allen
Brigadier-General Frances Allen is honoured for her work in communications and technology. Photo: Corporal Michael J. MacIsaac

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Brigadier-General Frances Allen was awarded the Women in Communications and Technology Leadership Excellence Award, Public Sector Leadership category, on April 16, 2018.

The WCT Leadership Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate women in leadership roles who have distinguished themselves in communications and technology.

In the early 1980s, BGen Allen was one of the few women to join the military and to work in the communications and technology domain. She excelled in her career as a Communications and Electronics Engineering (CELE) Officer, and rose to her current rank of Brigadier-General. This made her the first woman to serve as a general officer within her trade.

With a diverse career spanning over 34 years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces, she is currently the Director-General Information Management Operations (DGIMO) and the Joint Force Cyber Component Commander (JFCCC).

In Major-General Loos’ endorsement letter, he says “BGen Allen (…) has skillfully ‘bent technology to her will’ all along the way, to ensure the latest advances were weighed and applied to the cyber security tasks at hand.”

Her mentorship and advocacy for change is an inspiration to both men and women. Her efforts will serve Canada beyond her service, and for decades to come. You can read more through her biography (Intranet access only), and see her acceptance speech (Intranet access only).

Congratulations BGen Allen!

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