Halifax Rifles get new wheels

Corporal Spencer Dorey (seated) and Corporal Ian Rudderham on a Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle.
Corporal Spencer Dorey (seated) and Corporal Ian Rudderham were on hand April 7 to introduce Kentville visitors to the Halifax Rifles’ new Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle, based at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Detachment Aldershot. Photo: The Aurora

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Sara White – The Aurora

The new Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPVs) rolling into Canadian Army units this spring, including the Halifax Rifles, based at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Detachment Aldershot, are top-of-the-line, complex and more mobile than any vehicle upgrade in years.

They’re “pretty cool,” admits Captain Jake Rideout, as the Halifax Rifles took one of the TAPVs into Kentville on April 7 for a public display.

Nine of the TAPVs arrived at Camp Aldershot at the end of March, but the members of the Rifles Reserve unit have been training for the vehicles, and the on-board equipment, all winter.

Nine more TAPVs are also in operations with units in Prince Edwards Island and Moncton/Sussex, making a 27-vehicle unit 5 Cdn Div can draw on for larger-scale trainings and domestic operations, such as the ones conducted in Quebec during the 2017 floods.

“The TAPVs don’t replace anything; they augment our fleet of G Wagons, the light reconnaissance vehicles we started using in the mid-2000s,” Capt Rideout says, adding “The feedback from the troops has been great, everyone’s excited to come to work and work with a state-of-the-art vehicle.”

With a larger weapons system, better mobility, and upgraded optics, the TAPVs can go more places, see more things, and are overall more potent vehicles. The TAPVs are Arctic-capable, better armoured against explosives, and can house a crew of four with equipment.

With his recruitment beret on, Capt Rideout says taking the TAPVs to community events is a good way to “meet people who may want to crew with us, and work with this equipment.”

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