The May 9 episode of Defence Team News highlights the Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration

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In this episode, we highlight:

  • the Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration;
  • Exercise STAGED RESPONSE 2018; and
  • National Nursing Week


Welcome back to Defence Team News. I’m Lt(N) Jeff Lura.

And I’m Shelley Van Hoof. Here are the headlines at Defence.

May 6th marked the commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic, a day honouring the brave men and women who fought and lost their lives at sea during the longest campaign of the Second World War.

The pivotal battle for control of the North Atlantic Ocean lasted from September 1939 to May 1945 and was courageously fought by members of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Merchant Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Victory came at a high cost, with numerous warships lost and thousands of fatalities. Those who died are commemorated on the Sailors’ Memorial in Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Parades and ceremonies were recently held across the country at all Royal Canadian Navy formations and Reserve Divisions, including at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

5th Canadian Division conducted Exercise STAGED RESPONSE 2018 in Gagetown, New Brunswick on May 5th and 6th.

The exercise was designed to test collective planning and the Command and Control structure that would be in place during a domestic operation. To simulate a realistic environment, other government departments and agencies also participated.

This training is especially pertinent to soldiers of 5th Canadian Division who deployed on Operation LENTUS during the winter of 2017 to provide support to the residents of the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick, who were affected by an ice storm.

Canada’s Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, reaffirms that assistance to civilian authorities is a core mission of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Before we go, a reminder that this week is National Nursing Week.

Leading up to International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s birthday on May 12th, the week recognizes the many contributions of military and civilian nurses to the well-being of Canadians.

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