Watch a special Defence Team News Minute on Mental Health Week

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Welcome back to a special Defence Team News minute on Mental Health Week, I’m Deputy Minister Jody Thomas.

And I’m Acting Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, Lt-Gen Alain Parent. We’re two of your Defence Team Mental Health Co-Champions.

Today, we encourage all Defence Team members to help raise awareness of Mental Health Week, which runs from May 7th to 11th.

Life can sometimes present us with challenges or difficulties which can test our mental health. How do you manage when life becomes stressful or difficult? This year, Mental Health Week focuses on Resilience – more specifically, how can we increase and improve our own resilience when we are faced with life’s inevitable difficulties.

As highlighted in our Defence Policy – Strong, Secure, Engaged – the Defence Team must ensure that the needs of its people – military members, their families and Defence civilians – are appropriately met.

This spring, some of you will be randomly selected to participate in the first Defence Workplace Well-being Survey. The survey will provide us with a snapshot of the Defence Team, and help identify the factors that affect well-being. Your input will help us improve our policies, programs, and workplace.

Resilience is the art of not giving up. Having a positive attitude, staying balanced by regulating emotions, and creating strong social support systems are all ways that resiliency can help you to overcome whatever challenges life throws your way.

The Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence are committed to building a healthy, respectful, and supportive Defence Team, with a focus on mental health. As Mental Health Co-Champions, we are committed to promoting a healthy environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing mental health and mental illness, but this is not solely the job of leadership. We all have a part to play in this effort, as a psychologically healthy and safe workplace benefits everyone.

There are many support services in place for Defence Team members. Visit the Mental Health section of the Defence Team intranet in the related links to find out more about the tools and resources that are available to all members.

Join us in supporting this important mental health initiative by using the hashtag (#) GETLOUD to spread the word about the importance of mental health!

That’s it for us. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time…

…for Defence Team News!

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