The Defence Team is moving to an electronic format for performance management

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The Public Service Performance Management (PSPM) web application will be available as of April 20 for civilian employees and managers, and on April 27 for military managers. Using this platform will improve performance management by reducing administrative tasks and allowing for a more in-depth discussion of each employee’s contributions to the Defence Team.

The PSPM web application is completely replacing the paper form, unless:

  • you are part of an organization where security precludes the disclosure of organizational information‎;
  • there are collective agreement contradictions; or
  • other legitimate business challenges.

Useful resources such as registration, training, help, and user guides for managers/supervisors and employees will be made available on the HR-Civ intranet site later this month.

Once managers are at ease with the application, they are responsible for going into the platform and registering their employees. The necessary data and employee work objectives will need to be entered into the web application before June 30.

Effective performance management helps connect our work to departmental priorities, like Strong, Secure, Engaged, and ensures that employees keep record of their unique contributions to the Department.

Any questions can be directed to the Performance Management Team.

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