5 CMBG represents the CAF at Quebec City auto show

A soldier demonstrates night vision goggles on a child visitor
Canadian Armed Forces members were happy to show their equipment features to visitors of all ages. Photo: Adsum

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By Édouard Dufour, Journal Adsum

From March 6 to 11, soldiers from CFB Valcartier went to meet visitors of the Quebec City International Auto Show to talk about their profession, their equipment, and their experiences in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The group included members of the 2e and 3e Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment (2 R22eR and 3 R22eR), as well as the 12e Régiment blindé du Canada (12 RBC), all part of the 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5 CMBG). A few days before the event, they carried out a delicate operation: bringing in the massive vehicles through the only ExpoCité door available for the purpose.

Curious people of all ages got to see three military vehicles up close: a Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV), a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV6) and one of ten new MRZR-4s, a small versatile support vehicle resembling a quad.

The program also featured a kiosk with the famous night vision goggles. Those who wanted to were able to try on the military’s combat gear for a photo.

Visitors of all ages enjoyed the CAF display, and members got to chat with the public and see their appreciation for their work, according to Captain Marc-Olivier Day, who coordinated the military presence at the event. He added that the most common questions were about the weight and maximum speed of the vehicles, the range of the guns, and the weight of combat equipment.

Racing simulators, a virtual reality headset, multiple collector cars, and road tests of luxury and electric vehicles were among the other highlights of this 95th Quebec City International Auto Show.

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