Watch a special Defence Team News Minute on addressing Phoenix pay issues

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In this episode, we highlight some helpful tips when addressing Phoenix pay issues for DND civilian employees


Welcome to a special Defence Team News minute on the Phoenix pay system.

Here are some helpful tips when addressing Phoenix pay issues for DND civilian employees.

To ensure your Phoenix pay issue is routed appropriately, it’s important to first make sure the correct form is filled out.

You should use the Phoenix Feedback Form to report a pay problem, issues with accessing the application, underpayment or overpayment, issues with your bilingual bonus, or if you have a question. You can submit the Phoenix Feedback Form directly on the Pay Centre website.

You should use the Pay Action Request Form to ask for an emergency salary advance, change your tax deductions, or update your benefit information. You should also use this form to request leave without pay for more than 5 days, or to request changes to your hours that are more than 6 months old.

All Pay Action Request Forms should be submitted by email to your DND Trusted Source. A Trusted Source team member will review your request, and give you feedback on anything that needs to be changed. Then, the trusted source team will send the Pay Action Request to the Pay Centre on your behalf.

For more information, visit the Defence Team intranet site or speak to your manager.

Thank you for watching. See you next time, for Defence Team News!

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