RCN seeks Candidates for Skilled Re-Enrolment Initiative


Due to attrition rates in recent years, certain occupations have become stressed by the lack of personnel.

Individual letters are being sent to identified released members from the Naval Combat Information Operator (NCI Op), Naval Electronic Sensor Operator (NES Op), Sonar Operator (Sonar Op), Naval Communicator (Nav Comm), Weapons Engineering Technician (W Eng Tech) and Marine Technician (Mar Tech) occupations to invite them to re-enroll into the Regular Force in their former occupation and rank.

As the conversion training is still forthcoming for current Mar Tech members, candidates from the former Hull Technician (Hull Tech), Electrician (ET) and Maritime Engineer (Mar Eng) occupations will still be considered trade qualified who re-enrol because they can be employed in legacy positions.

Personnel who meet specific occupation criteria and who released favourably from the Regular Force within the last five years are eligible to re-enroll.

Additionally, for those personnel who meet specific criteria from the NCIOP, NESOP, SONAR OP, NAVCOMM, and MAR TECH trades, including having been favourably released for a minimum of 3 years prior to their date of re-enrolment, a recruiting allowance has been authorised in accordance with CBI 205.525 and an upcoming CANFORGEN.

If you are interested, email SkilledRCN.MCRqualifiee@forces.gc.ca or call 1-833-203-2698. An applicant can expect a call-back within 5 business days from a dedicated member of our team to provide direction with regards to follow-on steps and answer questions.

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