Strengthening the Forces with healthy tips for World Health Day

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World Health Day, held on 7 April of each year, has marked the World Health Organization’s founding since 1950. It is an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to global health.

Canadian Forces Health Services’ Strengthening the Forces (STF) Health Promotion program is here to help you discover ways to implement healthy behaviours, and to help build a lifestyle that will improve your health, productivity and endurance.

Imagine a life that is full of vitality! Believe it or not, the recipe to good health can be quite simple, and we are happy to share it with you!

  • Eat nutritious food!
    • Good quality protein and dairy, whole grains, lots of vegetables and fruit.
  • Keep active!
    • 30 minutes of exercise daily, e.g. walk, swim, jog, run, skate. You get the idea… just make this 30 minutes a priority!
  • If you smoke, stop now!
  • Follow Canada’s Low Risk Drinking guidelines for alcohol consumption:
    • For women, no more than 10 drinks/week and no more than 2 drinks most days;
    • For men, no more than 15 drinks/week and no more than 3 drinks most days.
  • Take time to relax!
    • Meditation is an excellent way to de-stress; your adrenal glands will thank you!
  • Enjoy time spent with friends and family!
    • These people are your support group and the folks who have your back.

With 25 Health Promotion offices across Canada, and over 12 courses to kick-start healthy living, we encourage you, on World Health Day, to act now. Go ahead, contact your local Health Promotion office to sign up for a course. You will be taking an excellent step to being pro-active about your health and what is more important than that?!

For more information please visit our STF website (accessible only on the DWAN):

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