3rd Division gets new Padres

From left to right, Padres: Captain Powell, Captain Ampani, Lieutenant-Colonel Cherwick, Captain Lee, Captain Filyk. Photo: Captain Tyler Powell

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Captain Tyler Powell – Western Sentinel

Last December, the Canadian Army’s 3rd Canadian Division got four new Padres.

Graduating from the Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Center (CFChSC) at CFB Borden after a month of training, the new Padres completed their third phase of education and received their mandate from the Chaplain General, Major-General Chapdelaine.

In total, ten regular force and ten reserve Chaplain Candidates were welcomed into the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service. For the regular force Chaplains, graduation means that they will return to their home bases to continue on the job training with the intent of being posted to positions in the Fall of 2018. The Reserve Chaplains will return to their home units to serve Canada’s finest immediately.

What is truly exciting about the addition of the new Padres is the quality of training the candidates received while on course at CFChSC. The program was intensive in nature, covering a wide range of topics including spiritual/pastoral care and counselling, suicide prevention, and advising commanding officers on the moral and spiritual wellbeing of units and members.

All of the training was expertly provided by staff representing all three elements, the Special Forces, and an abundance of subject matter experts.

Chaplain General, MGen Chapdelain’s mandate, bestowed upon the graduating Padres is: “to care for all, to facilitate the worship of others and minister to our own.”

It goes without saying that each of the graduating Chaplains are ready and eager to live up to that mandate, and to support the members of the Canadian Armed Forces and their families as they serve their country.

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