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In this episode, we highlight:

  • Exercise ARCTIC EAGLE; and
  • the Canadian Forces Combat Camera theme pack


Welcome back to Defence Team News. I’m Lt(N) Jeffrey Lura.

And I’m Shelley Van Hoof. Here are the headlines at Defence.

Canadian Army Reserve soldiers participated in winter survival training with the United States’ Alaska National Guard as part of Exercise ARCTIC EAGLE earlier this month.

The U.S.-led exercise saw infantry soldiers, combat engineers, medics and signalers from 39 Canadian Brigade Group in Vancouver train to operate effectively in the harsh winter conditions in Fort Greely, Alaska. This exercise helped enhance the effectiveness of Reservists to operate in remote regions and enrich our close partnership with the United States in defence of North America.

Through Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy, the Canadian Armed Forces has committed to taking steps to further improve its presence and ability to operate in the Arctic.

The Canadian Forces Combat Camera theme pack is ready for public release.

Connecting with Canadians through engaging photography is the mission of Canadian Forces Combat Camera. The theme pack is essentially a screen saver featuring the best imagery from our photo archives.

The theme pack can be downloaded and installed in 4×3 and 16×9.5 screen formats from the Canadian Forces Combat Camera imagery gallery at under the tab labelled Combat Camera Screensaver.

Providing the public with the ability to view amazing imagery on their personal Mac or PC computer systems is yet another innovative way to connect with Canadians, and promote operational excellence through imagery.

For Defence Team members with workstations connected to the DWAN, as a reminder, you can already personalize your desktop with the best photos from Combat Camera – simply right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize” and then “CAF Combat Camera” from the Themes list.


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