CAF Story | They called me “Doc”

Cpl Christopher Nacario

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My name is Christopher Nacario. I’m a Medical Technician, a Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces.

I joined as a medic specifically because I wanted to help people, specifically, the people that don’t necessarily have access to actual First World healthcare that we take for granted here in Canada. So, just seeing images of disaster relief and that sort of thing, that kind of sparked my interest. And the good work the Canadian medics that came before me were doing, that really motivated me to want to join up and carry on that tradition.

Before I got posted here I was a platoon medic for an infantry company. I was posted with the 3rd Battalion PPCLI. In the field it can be very austere. It’s you dealing with all the problems that could arise with just what’s on your back, what you keep in your med bag and what you keep on your rig. There’s a lot of problem-solving that you have to do, and again, you’re by yourself. You might not be able to call and ask questions or get somebody on the radio to help you out. You have to work the problems yourselves and have to make decisions and work those problems ‘til you get viable solutions.

You’ll know you’ve made it as a medic when the soldiers and troops that you support, if they start referring to you as “doc”. I remember the first time that, you know, I was with my platoon and someone called me “doc” and it was just that feeling where I had proven myself to my platoon. They had… so it was just one of those things where you feel like, you’re at least doing something right and they at least trust you enough to give you that title. So, I’m proud to be a medic. I’m happy to serve my country and I think this is one of those jobs where you really get to take pride in the work that you do.

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