Commissionaire at CFS Leitrim gets the recognition he deserves

Sergeant (retired) Riopelle
Sergeant (retired) Riopelle appointed as Sergeant-Major. Photo: Corporal Michael J. MacIsaac

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On 12 February 2018, in a special ceremony, members of Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Leitrim appointed Sergeant (Retired) Bruce Riopelle as Sergeant-Major, handing him the pace-stick, giving him the opportunity to lead a troop on parade, and presenting him with his Canadian Forces’ Decoration (CD1).

Sgt (ret’d) Bruce Riopelle was released from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in 1999 before the CAF could issue his CD1. He currently works as a Commissionaire at CFS Leitrim.

“It was important to us that we acknowledge his service with respect and dignity, and ensure that as a member of both the CAF and unit family, he received the CD1 he very much deserves,” said Station Chief Warrant Officer (SCWO) Greg Monk at the ceremony.

SCWO Monk knew this was an example that had to be set. “It was also an opportunity to actively display to my troops that a soldier’s journey through the CAF doesn’t end upon release or retirement. We have a lifelong obligation to our brothers and sisters in arms from the moment they volunteer to serve.”

Congratulations to Sgt (ret’d) Riopelle!

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  • Sgt (ret'd) Riopelle receiving his CD1.
  • Sergeant (retired) Riopelle
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