New photo editing software now available on your desktop

Sanya, a member of the Information Management (IM) Group Communications team, using to edit a photo. Photo: ADM (IM)

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Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN) and Consolidated Secret Network Infrastructure (CSNI) users can access a new basic photo and image editing application— It is great for anyone starting out with photo editing, and experts will appreciate how easy it is to use.

Sanya, a member of the Information Management (IM) Group Communications team was one of the first users to try out She has been using other photo editing software for years, and she is often tasked with editing photos. She said her favourite feature is the tool bar, adding “all the tools are easily identifiable, and really simple to use.”

Unlike other photo editing software, the tools in are limited to those you would need to make simple edits. Sanya’s two new favourite tools are the magic wand and the colour picker.

The magic wand allows you to easily select an object with just one click. This is a great tool if you’re working on something like a poster, and need an image from another file. You can just click on the image, and copy and paste directly into the desired file.

The colour picker helps match colours when you can’t find the exact colour on the colour wheel. You just need to click on the colour with the colour picker, and you’ll get that colour match saved., is available for DWAN and CSNI users in the Control Panel, under Run Advertised Programs. Install it today, and start editing photos easily!

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