CAF delivers non-lethal equipment and training to Jordanian Armed Forces

Two military members and a man in a suit in the desert
The Ambassador of Canada to Jordan with JAF officers on the border overlooking Syria (Credit: CTAT-J)

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By a member of the Canadian Training Assistance Team in Jordan

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has been hard at work helping deliver non-lethal aid and training to the Jordanian Armed Forces. The team on the ground in Jordan—called the Canadian Training Assistance Team (CTAT)—has been there since August 2016 under Operation IMPACT, the CAF’s support to the Global Coalition campaign against Daesh.

Early in 2016, the Government of Canada announced that it was broadening its response to Middle East crises and the spread of violent extremism to include security force capacity building assistance to Jordan. Later that year, the CTAT deployed to Jordan.

Since its arrival, the CTAT has coordinated the delivery of defensive stores, wet weather clothing, high-power portable searchlights and explosive disposal equipment to the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). This equipment is helping the JAF improve the security of Jordan’s border with Syria.

Further, the CTAT has coordinated specialized instruction and mentoring of the JAF by CAF trainers. This training has covered directing air combat operations from the ground, explosive disposal, and logistics practices. Other projects are currently under development, including rehabilitating a road along Jordan’s northern border with Syria.

The CTAT is one component of a large team working towards building Jordan’s capacity. Other players include Global Affairs Canada’s (GAC) Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program, the Canadian Embassy in Jordan, and teams from other like-minded nations involved in similar efforts.

Much has been accomplished in a relatively short time, as the CAF, GAC, and other partners pioneer new processes to collaborate on these projects and procure equipment from suppliers around the world in a timely manner. Through the CTAT, the CAF has developed closer ties with the Jordanian military, an important partner in the region, and one that expresses genuine appreciation for Canada’s assistance.

Ultimately, the work in Jordan is contributing to regional stability, preventing the spread of Daesh and other violent extremist organizations into Jordan, and demonstrating Canada’s commitment to international peace and security.

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  • Two military members and a man in a suit in the desert
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