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In this episode, we highlight:

  • the Navy Bike Ride; and
  • Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN 2018


Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Shelley Van Hoof.

And I’m Lt(N) Jeffrey Lura. Here are the headlines at Defence.

On June 9, the Royal Canadian Navy will host the second annual Navy Bike Ride.

We recently spoke with event director Lieutenant-Commander Dave Dallin to learn more about how he’s preparing for the ride:

What is the Navy Bike Ride and who does it support?

Well, the Navy Bike Ride is a local ride here in the NCR and it’s held annually. This is our second year. And it supports the Royal Canadian Navy Benevolent Fund and Support Our Troops.

Who can participate?

Well, anyone can participate in this ride. And that’s the whole point of it. It’s family inclusive. Anyone from kids in trailers to young kids on small bikes to adults to grandparents to great grandparents if they so choose. The bike ride itself is not just held here on the 9th of June, but also there are over 23 other rides across Canada which all of the Defence Team can participate in. You can check out those locations on our website

So how can interested individuals sign up?

Well, the easiest way to sign up is to go to Alternatively, you can check out our Facebook page at Navy Bike Ride. And you can also check out the hashtag #NavyRide and those mediums will get you to the registration page.

So, what can participants be doing to prepare themselves for this ride?

So the first thing they should do is look at the equipment that they need to ride. And check out their bike. Make sure that it’s functioning properly and if it’s not take it to a bike store and get it all checked out. But primarily, check out your helmet. Make sure your helmet’s good to go for another year and if not replace that.

The Canadian Army recently concluded Exercise NORTHERN SOJOURN 2018 in areas throughout southern Labrador.

This annual winter warfare training exercise confirms the division’s ability to initiate and sustain operations in the harsh climates of the Canadian North.

More than 400 Canadian soldiers participated, with approximately 50 soldiers from the United States Army and eight soldiers from the Polish Army.

The exercise provided participants with the opportunity to meet Labradoreans, showcase the Canadian Army’s commitment to protecting the North, and demonstrate winter warfare capabilities.

Retaining the ability to conduct a full range of operations in the Arctic and sub-Arctic is imperative to the Canadian Army’s mission to protect sovereignty and defend national interests in the North.

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