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In this episode, we highlight:

  • Operation PROJECTION;
  • the annual Conference on Security and Defence; and
  • Phoenix information and resources


Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Shelley Van Hoof.

And I’m Lt(N) Jeffrey Lura. Here are the headlines at Defence.

HMCS Kingston and Summerside have set sail for Op PROJECTION in West Africa. This deployment includes engagements with West African nations to support joint training in maritime security, capacity building, and relationship building in the Gulf of Guinea region.

While deployed, the two ships and a detachment of personnel from the Maritime Tactical Operations Group will participate in OBANGAME EXPRESS 2018, an at-sea maritime exercise led by US Naval Forces Africa. OBANGAME EXPRESS 2018 is designed to improve cooperation among participating nations in order to increase maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea.

As well, the Maritime Tactical Operations Group will work with regional partners to support joint training for maritime interdiction, which covers visit, board, search, and seizure techniques.

Under the theme “Canadian Security and Defence in the New World (dis)Order”, the Chief of the Defence Staff recently delivered a speech at the annual Conference on Security and Defence in Ottawa. The Deputy Minister and Chief of Force Development also participated in a panel.

The new Defence policy recognizes the need for us to engage globally, but to do so intelligently. Sometimes necessary to deter aggression and sometimes necessary to fight it when it can’t be deterred. To help prevent, vulnerable and failing states from ultimately becoming destabilized and failing, causing both humanitarian catastrophes and far-reaching security concerns.

As one of the largest public conferences of its kind, hundreds of attendees from the Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence, Public Safety, industry and academia gathered to network and discuss relevant issues related to security and defence.

Before we go, employees experiencing pay issues due to Phoenix are reminded that there are measures in place to assist them until their compensation issues are resolved, such as Emergency Salary Advances and Priority Payments.

If you are experiencing a problem with your pay, tell your manager and complete the Phoenix Feedback Form. Information on how to submit pay requests can be found on the compensation and benefits section of the HR-Civ intranet.

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