Army deploys to the Arctic for NOREX 18

Two Rangers and an Army member as they conduct weapons training in the Arctic.
The Canadian Rangers are an integral part of the Canadian Army Reserves working in remote regions. They provide lightly-equipped, self-sufficient, mobile forces to support CAF operations within Canada. They regularly train alongside other CAF members to remain prepared. Photo: 4 Div PA

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Members of 4th Canadian Division carried out Northern Exercise 2018 (NOREX 18) in and around Resolute, Nunavut from February 4 to 17.

NOREX 2018 targeted Arctic response capability ensuring Canadian Army personnel can operate in remote locations and under harsh weather conditions. During the exercise, Army personnel worked alongside members of 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, honing their skills in survivability, mobility, sustainability, and first response.

“These exercises help to improve and sustain our Arctic expertise in support of Canada’s defence priorities in Northern Canada and to serve our most remote communities,” said Brigadier-General Stephen Cadden, 4 Div Commander.

The exercise simulated first response efforts for a major air disaster scenario in an Arctic location. Along with search and rescue operations, soldiers practiced survival and winter warfare skills in the harsh climate, including weapons familiarization, operating survival equipment and conducting patrols.

The Canadian Armed Forces is dedicated to enhancing its ability to operate in the Arctic, alongside the Canadian Rangers, to improve surveillance, control, and functional capacities with our Arctic allies and NATO.

Exercises like NOREX 18 fulfill one of the pillars of Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, by providing training that meets the highly technical requirements of modern militaries.

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