Emergency Salary Advances, Priority Payments and Out-of-Pocket Claims

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DND is working hard to address pay issues. If you are experiencing delays in processing your basic pay, acting, allowances, overtime, extra duty payments, promotions or pay increments, there are measures in place to assist you until your compensation issue is resolved.

Emergency Salary Advances (Intranet) are available if employees are not receiving basic pay. If you require an advance, your Section 34 manager will submit a Pay Action Request Form requesting an Emergency Salary Advance to the Pay Centre via the DND Trusted Source (Intranet). The Pay Centre should contact you within 72 hours of the request. If not, please contact the National Civilian Compensation Support Unit.

Priority payments (Intranet) are available if employees are owed non-basic pay. Priority payments may provide up to 60 percent of the amount owed to you. Managers are reminded that employees do not need to demonstrate financial hardship. Managers should be ready to assist and support employees with the priority payment process.  Employees who haven’t been contacted about their priority payment within 72 hours of your request should contact the Corporate Departmental Accounting Office.

Out-of-pocket claims (Intranet) are available if employees have incurred out-of-pocket expenses due to Phoenix.

Remember, if you are experiencing a problem with your pay, please tell your manager, and complete the Pay Centre Feedback Form. If your problem is not addressed in 21 days, contact National Civilian Compensation. Make sure to include your PRI, Track My Case numbers and case details.

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