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In this episode, we highlight:

  • a new training centre for fixed-wing SAR aircraft; and
  • a weapons system upgrade to help protect Canadian ships and sailors


Welcome back to Defence Team News, I’m Ronald Edma.

And I’m Lt(N) Jamie Bresolin. Here are the headlines at Defence.

The Defence Minister recently toured the future site of the new training centre for the recently acquired fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft fleet.

Hi everyone, I’m here in Comox, British Columbia on our base. Just hit our shovel in the ground to commemorate the construction of our Search and Rescue training centre and the Centre of Excellence for the Canadian Armed Forces. To highlight all the great work our women and men do in the Canadian Armed Forces, this is a start of a new technological breakthrough on search and rescue for Canada.

The centre will include simulators and other training equipment for the Royal Canadian Air Force aircrew, search and rescue technicians, and maintenance personnel who will operate the aircraft.

Operationalizing this newly acquired fleet will help the RCAF respond to the thousands of search and rescue calls they receive each year.

Ensuring the Air Force has a modern fleet to meet the challenges of this diverse environment fulfills the commitments outlined in Canada’s new defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged.

Support of a new weapons systems that will protect Canadian ships and sailors over the next two decades was recently announced by the Defence Minister.

The Royal Canadian Navy’s 21 Close-In Weapons Systems installed on the modernized Halifax-class frigates will be maintained and overhauled. These rapid-fire, radar-guided systems provide the most effective naval self-defence against missiles, small ships, and aircraft threats. Currently in use on the Navy’s frigates, this defence weapon system will also be installed on the Protecteur-class ships following their construction.

Known as the world’s most widely deployed close-in weapons system, currently used by 24 of our allies, this upgrade will allow the Navy to take advantage of future improvements made by allies who already use this technology.

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