New Route Survey System delivers clearer look at the ocean floor

Five people pose for a photo with gear onboard a ship at sea.
RSSLE Shallow Water Sea Trial team onboard HMCS Saskatoon in December 2015. Photo: ADM(Mat)

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Shallow water sonar systems, which will improve the detection of ocean floor features, are now operational on Canada’s West and East Coasts.

Fourth Maritime Operations Group (MOG4) on the West Coast and Fifth Maritime Operations Group (MOG5) on the East Coast, can now use their respective sonar systems aided by launch and recovery systems to obtain quality sea floor imagery.

The equipment can be used to locate under-water mines, carry out itemized searches, or obtain bottom feature imagery. This will provide a larger combined operational picture for command area awareness.

The next objective for the Route Survey System Life Extension (RSSLE) project team is to deliver deep water systems to further enhance maritime operational capacity.

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