Security is our Defence – GOAL-OBJECTIF ZĒRØ

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Security is our Defence – GOAL-OBJECTIF ZĒRØ, highlights the importance of bringing security incidents to zero and increasing overall vigilance across the board.

Why link security to sports? It’s simple. Sport binds people together by inspiring passion and pride. So why not use sports to change the security mindset and strengthen our security culture?

Security Awareness Week is an annual event held during the second week of February in which departments are invited to promote good security practices and to share them government-wide. It is an excellent opportunity to increase employee awareness and to promote departmental security services. Security awareness is a key element of the departmental security program under the Policy on Government Security.

This year, events are planned for the week of February 5 to 9, 2018.


A hockey player facing the camera shoots a puck towards the camera which freezes in midair in front of the camera. As the puck rotates, the words “Security Incident,” “Theft,” “Insider Threat,” “Security Breach” and “Sabotage” are shown on the side of the puck. The puck is caught by a goalie.

The following words are shown overlaid on top of the video:


5-9 February 2018

Security Awareness Week

Director General Defence Security”

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