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In this episode, we highlight:

  • a selection process for aspiring CAF medical students; and
  • the world’s smallest operational military aircraft.


(J) Welcome back to Defence Team News. I’m Lt(N) Jamie Bresolin.

(S) And I’m Shelley Van Hoof. Here are the headlines at Defence.

(J) The Canadian Armed Forces have launched a selection process for aspiring CAF medical students through the Military Medical Training Plan.

CAF members will have an opportunity to receive a fully subsidized medical education at one of Canada’s 17 medical schools.

The program subsidizes four years of medical school, plus a two-year family medicine residency program. What makes this program so unique is that it gives CAF members an opportunity to learn a new skill while continuing to serve their country.

The educational funding from the program, in addition to the full salary and benefits received as a CAF member, allows students to concentrate on their studies without some of the financial burden that affects most medical students.

(S) The Canadian Army and Canadian Special Operations Forces Command are conducting trials for the world’s smallest operational military aircraft– the Black Hornet 3.

Weighing just a few dozen grams, it consists of two aircraft, a hand controller and a chest-mounted tablet, all fitting into a small shoebox-sized package. The aircraft has a range of over a kilometer with additional video and night-vision capabilities.

This equipment opens up a whole range of possibilities. Both commands will seek innovative ways to evolve tactics, techniques and procedures to use this new capability, assess its usefulness and identify any other requirements.

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