DND/CAF welcomes first cyber operators

MGen Greg Loos addresses the first cyber operators at a ceremony.
Major-General Greg Loos, Cyber Force commander, Chief of Staff (Information Management) and CAF J6, welcomes the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces’ first cyber operators. Photo: Matthew Lacroix, ADM(IM) Internal Communications

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The inauguration ceremony for the cyber operator occupation was held at the All-Ranks Mess at Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Leitrim, in the National Capital Region, on November 3. The ceremony celebrated the creation of the new occupation, and recognized the first cyber operators in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

With no occupation badges yet available, Major-General Greg Loos, the commander of the Cyber Force, presented each cyber operator with a “Plank Owner” certificate. Historically, the term Plank Owner originates from a ship’s decommissioning, when crew members who were present at the ship’s commissioning petitioned for the ownership of one of the main deck planks. This was a fitting welcome for these cyber operators, who now have the bragging rights to being among the first in the occupation.

“The recognition of the cyber domain as a distinct operational environment is a way of normalizing some of the things we are already doing,” said MGen Loos. “The creation of this occupation is a significant step toward bringing us to our goal of freedom of action in the cyber domain, a domain that is increasingly more complex, congested and contested.”

As part of this new occupation that will include both Reserve and Regular Force members, cyber operators will conduct defensive cyber operations, and contribute to active cyber operations. They will collect and analyze data from CAF computer network systems in support of network defence operations. They will monitor networks for potential intrusions and abnormalities, examine networks for vulnerabilities in defensive and offensive postures, conduct forensic investigations of cyber incidents, and maintain specialized cyber toolsets.

CAF members interested in applying to the cyber operator occupation are encouraged to contact their base personnel selection officer. Members of the public who wish to apply are encouraged to contact their local CAF recruiting centre.

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