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Brigadier-General Dan MacIsaac, Commander, Joint Task Force-Iraq


Brigadier-General Dan MacIsaac: One… two… three…

Hi, I’m Brigadier-General Dan MacIsaac. Commander, Joint Task Force-Iraq, and I’m here to do the “60 Second Challenge.”

  1. Why is being physically fit important in the Canadian Armed Forces?

Why wouldn’t you want to improve your ability to perform?

  1. Do you have any work-related regrets?


  1. Who are the unsung heroes of your organization?

They’re definitely the Refrigeration and Mechanical Technicians who keep the air conditioning working.

  1. Tell us an interesting fun fact about yourself.

Well, I’m an engineer, and what could be more cool than building things and blowing them up?

  1. What has been the most rewarding work experience of your career?

Getting to work with motivated men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, doing some interesting work. Communicating Canadian values across the world in some pretty difficult places.

  1. Name the comfort you enjoy most about Canada, here at Op IMPACT.

The PSP (Personnel Support Programs) services here are fantastic!

  1. Sens, Leafs, Oilers, Flames or Habs?


Thank you.

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