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Master Corporal Amanda Jardine is the first and only person within the Canadian Armed Forces to serve as an air technician specialist recruiter (Air Tech Spec Rectr), traveling to technician training institutions and aviation events throughout northeastern Ontario to organize activities and give presentations, accompanied by experienced serving technicians and Recruiting Group representatives. PHOTO: Corporal Lisa Fenton

News Article / May 31, 2017

By Major Jim Hutcheson

The Royal Canadian Air Force has created a unique and unprecedented position within the Air Staff organization that has the potential to generate a significant positive impact on operations across the RCAF. The position is air technician specialist recruiter (Air Tech Spec Rectr), and the first and only person to occupy that position is Master Corporal Amanda Jardine.

The RCAF and Canadian Forces Recruiting Group face constant challenges ensuring that there are enough air maintenance technicians to meet operational requirements and sustain occupational health. This is particularly difficult because of the great demand in civilian aerospace industries for men and women who are pursuing training in this field. The Air Tech Spec Rectr position was therefore established in support of Recruiting Group to reach out and help make these people more aware of the relevant occupations and opportunities available within the RCAF.

“This is an incredibly engaging and rewarding job,” Master Corporal Jardine says. “When people find out more about the types of air maintenance jobs available in the RCAF, as well as the many opportunities and benefits, they are really excited.”

Master Corporal Jardine accomplishes this by traveling, on behalf of the Air Maintenance Branch, to technician training institutions and aviation events across northeastern Ontario, where she organizes activities and gives presentations accompanied by experienced serving technicians and Recruiting Group representatives. As a qualified recruiter, Master Corporal Jardine also works three days a week at the Recruiting Centre Ottawa, which allows her to coordinate closely with Recruiting Group staff and provide additional support to candidates whose files are being processed through the system.

This initiative includes the following types of RCAF air technician occupations: avionics, aviation, aircraft structures, and air weapons technicians. By attracting candidates who are already semi-skilled, training pressures are reduced at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering, located at Borden, Ontario. Qualified technicians are ready to join operational units in less time, thus having a more immediate positive impact on current personnel shortages in those areas.

“Young men and women today are particularly interested in the ability to continue their personal and professional growth throughout their careers,” Master Corporal Jardine says. “The RCAF is able to offer a great deal in this area compared to many other potential employers.”

Although her position has only been operational for about a year, Master Corporal Jardine believes it has already demonstrated considerable success in attracting more air technicians to the RCAF. In fact, she sees great potential in expanding the range of air tech specialist recruiting beyond northeastern Ontario, working as an RCAF force multiplier on the Recruiting Group team throughout the country.

Like all employers, the Canadian Armed Forces faces significant challenges arising both from Canada’s demographics and from intense competition from other industries. Combining the efforts and expertise of Recruiting Group, specialist recruiters, and operational experts may offer great potential in helping to ensure that the RCAF remains an employer of choice in such high-demand occupations.

Anyone interested in finding out more about becoming an RCAF air technician, particularly as a semi-skilled applicant, should contact the air tech specialist recruiter at Amanda.Jardine@forces.gc.ca.

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