Ottawa recognizes Army units with Freedom of the City

– Ottawa, Ontario — The City of Ottawa has shown its gratitude to local military units and cadet corps with a rare honour that saw more than a dozen of them march through the city’s streets on Saturday, September 16.

Canadian soldier lifts his way to Canada’s Strongest Natural Man competition in Calgary

– Kingston, Ontario — Physical training has always been a key component in the profession of arms. It allows soldiers to perform at their best, maximizing the ability of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to defend Canada at home and abroad.

‘An orange day at home’ – School counsellor resource to help military kids succeed

– Ottawa, Ontario —Twenty years or so ago, 80 per cent of military families in Canada lived apart from the rest of society, with many services offered on the bases.

Civilian employers, educators honoured for support to Reservists

– Ottawa, Ontario — “I found a family, and I learned to lead.”
Senior Associate Deputy Minister of National Defence Jody Thomas was sincere and earnest as she addressed the crowd at the Canadian Forces Liaison Council 2017 Awards Dinner on May 25, 2017.

Latvia, Canada will stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ at Army Run

– Ottawa, Ontario — Canada’s military presence in Latvia, where troops are supporting NATO deterrence efforts in Eastern Europe, is a relatively recent development. However, the two nations enjoy a number of much older, and very deep, connections.

Dieppe Raid a victory delayed

– This year marks 75 years since a largely Canadian force, drawn from 2nd Canadian Division, suffered heavy casualties landing on the beaches near Dieppe, France.

Army Reserve musicians play a part in massive spider and dragon spectacular

Rule-breaking photos offer a candid look at the First World War

Operation UNIFIER in Ukraine: ‘a woven tapestry of international partners’

Canadian Army Reservists exercise skills with allies in South Dakota during Exercise GOLDEN COYOTE 2017

Combatives championships reinforce hand-to-hand fighting skills

Commemorating the Dedication of Parliament’s Centre Block a century later

Army Run head honoured for going beyond expectations

Canadian Rangers join in Franklin Expedition homecoming

Long-distance trucking added to Army Reserve toolbox

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